A Remote Body Scan provides an alternative tool for improved health diagnostics and healing. It can help you and your doctors define, detect and improve treatment for Cancer, Dementia, Diabetes, Covid-19, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Depression, Aches and Pains, Weight Loss, Mysterious Illnesses, and more! (To learn about new discoveries in Cancer treatment, scroll to the bottom of the page.)


A Remote Body Scan is facilitated through a Medical Intuitive who can “read” energy at a distance. This scan is similar to “Remote Viewing,” studied and used by the U.S. Government over the past 50 years. However, instead of viewing a remote location, a Medical Intuitive views your body -- bringing to light a whole new view of your body's structure, and it's detailed, dynamic processes. It's now possible to learn at the molecular level your cell malfunctions, diseases, immunity issues, chemical deficiencies, blood flow, hormonal and nerve issues, as well the specific health of Body Intelligence that operates the entire biological marvel that you call home.


Who am I?


My name is Mark Rider. I am a Medical Intuitive and Health Researcher. I specialize in helping people solve health issues, and mysterious illnesses. I had a debilitating chronic illness for decades; it was caused by doctor-prescribed drugs. The upshot was the disease awakened a sixth sense. I solved the illness with Remote Body Scans -- the same body scan that I provide clients today. I've been helping people with this technology since 2020. I strive to keep the art of Remote Body Scans as accurate as possible. Every week there are new discoveries, as this field is rapidly advancing.


"I have had an incredible healing journey with Mark. It has changed me on my energetic and Body Intel level. Many organs are repaired and cancer relieved. I have had a most extraordinary journey with him and through him to sources with which he works. I am beholden to them all. I am 65, with the mind and strength of a young man. Blessings on all that have helped me and to all who read my words. We are all one."  -- Robert R.


The Advantages


A Remote Body Scan may also be added to your program of prevention. If you have symptoms or an existing treatment program, you can use the scan to give more insight and clarity, or a second opinion. This may help you find other health professionals that can provide additional paths to wellness. A finely tuned approach to a medical condition can save time, money, and your life. A Remote Body Scan can tap into the various environmental substances, foods, drugs, physical traumas, or even emotional traumas that delivered you to the symptoms that challenge you today.


Remote Body Scans are especially helpful in mitigating some of the worst conditions of our times. The health issues that benefit the most from Remote Viewing include Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Immunity, Allergies, Neurology, Cancer, Dementia, Glandular Conditions, Osteoporosis, and Prostate Issues.


"I don't know what you did or even if it was you.  I had been praying for God to take care of this horrible back and stomach pain and you show up.  You did something to my neck and upper torso. I feel so much better.  I haven't experienced any pain since that day you worked on me, since God sent you into my life at that time.  Thank you for this spiritual experience. I hope you are happy and well.” -- Rob L. 


New Concepts of Health


The key to success with this form of Energy Reading relates to Body Intelligence -- a structure that operates genes and other parts of the body for maintenance and repairs. Body Intelligence is not yet recognized by most other health professionals. However, it is the premier operating source, and extremely important in optimizing all human conditions.


Additional fundamentals measured include Body Electricity, Cell Receptor Function, Multiple Body Communication Systems, Mitochondria, the Immune System and the ability of different body structures to process salt and minerals, influencing the absorption of water and other vital substances. Simply drinking more water does not solve the issue of poor absorption.


"Dear skeptics, I never thought that I would have an ENERGY READING. Through this reading, my health issues changed from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I am eating better which, in turn, helps with my aches and pains – not to mention losing weight (gradually). These ENERGY READINGS really enlightened me to solutions to living a better life. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.” -- Lori Boyd


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Return to this website to make payment at least one hour before your appointment. Your first session is quite detailed, and recommended to be one hour. Follow-up sessions can be either a half-hour or full hour. Sessions are $200 per hour, or $100 per half hour. You may share your session time with other family or friends during the same time slot. 


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I look forward to working with you, and wish you radiantly glowing health!



Mark Rider 


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Remote Body Scan

  "Mark is knowledgeable about the body anatomically. He is systematically able to see what I deem to be holistic inter-connectedness. He is insightful, a good listener, caring, and yes, intuitive.” – Bill Bryant


New Cancer Discoveries


As a Medical Intuitive and Energy Reader, I have discovered some remarkable factors associated with Cancer.  Dehydration is one such factor. 


Many conventional sources report how dehydration is a side effect of Cancer treatment. However, in my work, I've learned how dehydration can actually lead to Cancer. And it's not just any cell that's dehydrated. It's red blood cells and sometimes white blood cells. 


So, it appears that some forms of Cancer may be a disease of dehydrated blood cells, and the body chooses to respond by directing the growth of “cancer consciousness” and tumors to seek water. Unfortunately, just drinking more water does not solve the problem. We need to repair Receptor Sites on cells, and discover why other factors such as diet, drugs, and other irritants cause Receptor malfunctions.


Receptor Sites on cells are the arbiters and sentries of water, hormones, enzymes, nutrients and other substances that travel in and out of cells. Blocked or destroyed Receptor Sites can be associated not only with Cancer, but other conditions such as Diabetes. Part of the problem in diagnostics is determining which cells of the body have receptor issues – because the problem can be different from one cell type to the next. My team and I have also learned about the close relationship between water and salt and other minerals that need to be available in the right proportion to stave off disease.


Another concern for cancer is The Immune System. Energy Readings reveal new and astonishing concepts about the Immune System. For example, the existence of immune regulatory cells on the outside – not inside – of the small intestines. And then there's the role of the Thymus. It shrinks with age; its importance is dismissed by conventional medicine. However, the Thymus may be the Immune System's master gland, compromised by environmental influences of solar radiation. The Thymus should not be a shrinking violet, but a vital player in protecting the body.


New Energy Readings indicate the importance of Mitochondria in cancer. Many people call the Mitochondria the “power house” of the cell. But how many know that the Mitochondria maintain the Immune System and the speed of the Nervous System? While dehydration leads to blood cell issues, dehydration also leads to the reduction of the Mitochondria and compromised Immune System defenses. Moreover, low Mitochondrial levels can be related to slow reflexes and a host of neurological problems.


And there's more to report....Energy Readings reveal in Cancer the imbalanced Electricity of the body. Everything in our universe is fundamentally Electric or Magnetic. (Why doesn't consensus science embrace this important concept?)   In the human body, electricity is expressed by pH, as well as the Electricity generated by adrenals and kidneys. The body's pH ranges from acidic to alkaline – depending on the tissue type. Body Electricity is compromised by many factors, but needs to be restored to dissuade cancer tumors from finding attractive tissues to call home. In certain glands of the body there are horizontal planes of polarized electric current. They alternate between positive and negative regions. Interestingly, cancer may form in a cell layer that has positive and negative layers on each side of lesion, suggesting an ideal location for cancer to anchor.


As a Medical Intuitive and Energy Reader, I may assist you and your doctor in a protocol never realized by any other health professional:

1. Restore Body Intelligence.

2. Remove Cancer Consciousness.

3. Readjust pH for best balance of Electricity.

4. Rebuild Mitochondria.

5. Rebuild Damaged Glands from Cancer, and Chemotherapy.

6. Restore Receptor Sites on Blood and Other Cells.

7. Discover Foods and Type of Water That Can Help Your individual condition.


Let me know how I might help you. Learn more about how a Medical Intuitive can make a difference in your recovery from Cancer. Call today for a Remote Body Scan.

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A Remote Body Scan provides an alternative tool for improved health diagnostics and healing. It can help you and your doctors define,...